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It turns out that according to research [1], low levels of conscientiousness in the OCEAN model are associated with procrastination, among other things. [1] Higgins, D.M.; Peterson, J.B.; Lee, A.; Pihl, R.O. (2007). Prefrontal cognitive ability, intelligence, Big Five personality and the prediction of advanced academic and workplace performance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
The debate over what is temperament and what is personality is still ongoing. However, one can risk saying that “temperament is a non-verbalized personality”, i.e. temperament and personality describe similar or the very same features. Temperament is anchored in the biochemical system of the brain, and personality is a socio-cultural product built on temperament.
It is believed that a valid psychometric test is one that meets three standards: content validity, criterion validity, and theoretical validity. In a nutshell, content validity is the answer to the question of whether the questions correspond to the behavior that describes the feature we want to measure. In the case of a sense of […]
In a nutshell, the reliability of a psychometric test is that its results are consistent over time for a given person. If the results of the test differ after repeated tests, the test is not reliable.
That which is soft requires hard measurements. That’s why, when measuring human characteristics, it’s necessary to be as rigorous as possible in order to obtain a reliable result. Thus, the vast majority of pop-psychology tests are just fun, not psychology. For a psychological test to be credible, it must be valid, reliable, standardized, normalized, and […]
The intuition of many leaders tells them that the environment inside an organization is governed by the same laws as the environment outside. Since the external market is aggressive and does not tolerate weaknesses, and any mistakes are exploited, the same rules apply inside a company. It is also a market. Influence, gains, losses, layoffs […]
The lack of a sense of being part of a team leads to exclusion and is a difficult experience for people. Our internal software sets the sense of belonging and relationship quality as important values. It triggers an alarm state when the situation in this context is not favorable for us. The feeling of loneliness […]
The Empathy Gap exists and is doing well, although it should be noted that the problem is decreasing year by year. The growing awareness of companies means that they implement more and more processes that allow you to effectively implement empathy. Our tool is one of the solutions that can significantly support these efforts.
Research conducted by Businessolver year after year shows a steady increase in awareness among CEOs that empathy is a key skill in business in the 21st century. However, understanding and awareness is one thing, and implementation of it another. The Empathy Gap is no accident. It’s just that leaders were not held accountable for this […]
The war for talent roars on. According to Glassdoor, recruiting one specialist translates to 250 applicants, 5 interviews and 1 candidate. The entire recruitment process can be very expensive, because according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average cost in a company of up to 500 people is $7,645. Resignation from a […]
The gap between what company bosses (92%) declare about empathy and what employees feel (72%) is wide. The bosses are similarly optimistic when assessing their company’s relations with customers. Apparently, positive thinking is needed to function in a highly demanding and changing environment. Whatever the reasons, it is important to remember that the view from […]
All bosses want committed teams that will rise to the occasion when additional commitment is required. However, commitment does not come from nothing. This is yield. In order to collect it, you must first prepare the ground, then sow it and, most importantly, provide the right conditions for its growth. Be caring, show understanding, adapt […]
Psychological and psychiatric problems are being reported more and more often, especially since the changes caused by the pandemic. Research shows that a good hedge against these problems is simple human kindness. This kindness can be expressed on many different levels: organizational, process, and on those that simply make us feel comfortable talking to someone […]
It is easier for us to operate in a friendly environment and we all know this from our own experience. We may wonder if research was needed to confirm this. But it’s good to know exactly what you know, as well as to know what you don’t know yet. Especially since our own intuition can […]
Inclusivity and preventing exclusion are beautiful slogans that every mature organization tries to implement. Declarations in promotional materials and internal regulations are a good start, but they are still only declarations. Implementation is different. A good illustration is the saying “they say one thing but do another” – and this is sometimes despite sincere intentions. […]
As if the statistics on poor workplace relationships and their consequences weren’t worrying enough, the pandemic has added additional problems to the mix. The percentage of people who have experienced a deterioration in their mental health is 42%. 67% of respondents experience increased stress, and 54% are emotionally exhausted. How can we build efficient teams […]
Recalling an unpleasant situation triggers reactions in the body similar to those that took place during the situation itself. Meeting the person who caused the negative experience can trigger the same emotions. No wonder we avoid people we don’t like. However, one can get the impression that the workplace is treated as a different dimension […]
It is sometimes said that someone experiences this or that negative event. They take the time and energy to work through the problem in their own way. Apart from the purely physical and psychological repercussions of this stress, such as elevated cortisol or depression, the immediate effect is reduced productivity and the need to spend […]
Where did such a research observation come from, since we remember from professional experience that aggressive and insensitive people quite often reach the top? Well, it seems that this happened in spite of the incivility, not because of it. Reaching the top is one thing, but staying there is another. Without support, it will not […]
Sometimes it takes really little to change the perception of a given person, and thus the level of trust in them, readiness to help them, etc. Saying thanks and flashing a smile really make a difference. No wonder they have long entered the canon of managerial behavior and interpersonal team relationships. Unfortunately, they have become […]
How we are judged depends 90% on how competent and friendly we appear to be. This is where the question of whether people will trust us or not comes into play. However, in the social belief, there are few people who are both nice and competent at the same time. We most often judge nice […]
The way that we think of ourselves is as others judge us to be. Emotions are used to judge others. We express them with facial expressions, gestures and words, creating a mirror in which we look at ourselves – as described in 1902 by Charles Horton Cooley. This is one of the things that makes […]
It is difficult to get out of the combat mode that is needed in the “red ocean” and change the firmware to one that is suitable for the “blue ocean”. Likewise, war veterans find it difficult to transition to peaceful daily life. It’s even harder to dynamically switch from one mode to another as needed. […]
A team is a type of matter composed of people. If there are no internal tensions in it, people are strongly connected to each other, and the whole is calculated to achieve a specific goal, then it is matter with exceptional properties. If the same people are weakly connected, there are internal tensions, then the […]
The pressure of time and results in medicine is no less than in business. The goals differ significantly, but the process is the same – a person has to deliver the expected quality of value on time. In medicine, the cost is not a decimal point in Excel or a broken contract, but a human […]
Even the occasional stress related to bad relationships, watching such situations or even replaying them in your mind causes an increase in the level of cortisol – a hormone, the excessive secretion of which increases obesity risk, among other things. Interrupting the conversation, not focusing on the topic, ostentatiously leaving the room, pointing out flaws […]
Gaining the respect of a leader in their organization means better health, well-being, concentration, faster prioritization, commitment to work and a desire to stay in the organization. But are leaders taught behavior that commands respect? Are so-called good manners enough and are they adequate when it comes to cultural differences? Shouldn’t psychological needs and intercultural […]
For an employee, gaining the respect of a leader in his or her organization means better health, well-being, concentration, faster prioritization, commitment to work and a desire to stay in the organization. But are leaders taught behavior that commands respect? Are so-called good manners enough and are they adequate when it comes to cultural differences? […]
People like to blame others for their bad decisions, don’t they? This won’t change. The lesson from this study is this: If you want an organization that takes full advantage of teams and doesn’t struggle with churn, you need to take responsibility for training people. People are not inherently evil. They simply lack good role […]
Are you fully aware of the significance of these research findings? Incivility, bad behavior and a lack of empathy can demotivate people seven times more than positive behavior can motivate them. Seven times more – it takes seven good things to fix one piece of bad behavior in a relationship. This is the destructive power […]
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