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You invite employees into the system to complete a diagnostic test. That’s the end of it. The Empatyzer takes care of the rest. On the basis of these test results, Em finds personality and cultural differences and launches two processes. The first suggests how to talk well in online conversations and the second launches a year’s worth of email-based training with quick practical knowledge tests.

Em turns the idea of ​​D&I into a practical solution that works from day one. Considering that over 40% of managers don’t have the time to implement any D&I-related initiatives at all, Em is the answer to the problem. Em is diversity without conflict.

Em is a D&I tool, therefore it helps to achieve efficiency in the team thanks to healthy, authentic relationships, and not at their expense. How does this affect a team’s overall effectiveness? According to research, D&I can, for example, increase the chances of better financial results by 35%, increase innovation by 170%, and increase the chances of winning new markets by 70%.

On the contrary. Em helps to achieve effectiveness in teams through the building of healthy and authentic relationships. Our technology helps people to improve themselves – we’re not depriving them of more skills because machines will do them faster, but rather we are teaching and reinforcing one of the most important and most human qualities – empathy.

While everyone is betting on AI, we are betting on HI, a.k.a. Human Intimacy, which means we’re focused on building smart experiences for every employee through acquiring soft skills, understanding diversity and genuinely getting something positive out of it. We also want our users to use the skills they learn outside of the workplace. In this way, we’re trying to have a positive impact on the environment we all share. But to answer the question: no, Em is not AI, but maybe in the future it will evolve into EAI (Emotion AI).

No one but you will see your answers. Your diagnosis, which is a description of your personality, is available to you and you alone. The tips and suggestions that others can see (everyone will see a different set of these tips) are based on your profile and always have neutral-to-positive wording.

Tips appear just before a planned call or whenever you trigger them. Automatic tips appearing during a conversation – regardless of technological limitations – would not be as useful as it might seem. The dynamics of a conversation are too high, and the exchange of information too short.

No one other than you and the person you’re talking to will see or hear the content of your conversations. Empatyzer fully protects the privacy of our users from every perspective.

This is a highly technical topic. For those who are unfamiliar with it, we can simply assure you that we have made every effort to ensure that we’re building a secure solution and that we’re using the best technologies and solutions available. The more technical answer is: all communication is encrypted at the HTTPS level and we offer secure passwords encrypted with Bcrypt combined with a salt string. We use JWT authorization tokens, all data at rest is encrypted, and the entire infrastructure is secured by a well-recognized partner in AWS. Of course, the weakest link is usually a person, which is why we have strict procedures to eliminate human error from our security protocols.

A personality test measures traits that hardly change over the course of someone’s lifetime. Their changes have been studied over several decades and no dramatic differences have been noted. Of course, depending on whether you’re in a very bad or a very good mood, your reactions may be stronger, but their general type does not fundamentally change. A personality is a permanent construct.

Even between people who live in the same town and know each other well, there can be some cultural differences. This is why we carefully study the cultural preferences of each person. Your places of residence and birth both affect the overall result, but they aren’t dominant factors. Personalization is a key feature of Empatyzer.

This is our secret sauce. The most important thing is that according to the tests we have conducted, as well as the opinion of our customers – the tips work 🙂

Every small team up to 5 people can use Empatyzer for free. All schools and universities can use Empatyzer for free.

We believe that growing up is hard enough without even mentioning communication issues, which can become an enormous problem for many young people. This is why we plan to make our solution available for free to all schools and educational centers – as a tool for pedagogues and tutors, but also as a communication trainer for students. As of today, young people are left to their own devices to deal with the difficult topics of diversity and the art of communication. We want to change that.

We use a proprietary tool consisting of a combined test examining: personality, dimensions of culture and diagnosing the reliability of the answers. In addition, we applied a unique proprietary solution “FRESH” and “DYNORM”, which deprives our solution of the problem of multiple alternatives consisting in progressive test obsolescence and mismatched norms. The psychological part is based on the IPIP/BFAS psychological test with 100 questions, adapted to the language of the user, normalized on more than 1,000 adults of working age. AC > 0.85, Omega > 0.86.

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