Communicate on the Same Wavelength



25% of leaders believe they will be less leaderly if they are nice at work

Christine L. Porath, PHD, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

The intuition of many leaders tells them that the environment inside an organization is governed by the same laws as the environment outside. Since the external market is aggressive and does not tolerate weaknesses, and any mistakes are exploited, the same rules apply inside a company. It is also a market. Influence, gains, losses, layoffs and kingdoms called silos are at stake. Besides, it’s easier that way. Giving commands is more energy efficient than empathy, which requires extra energy to understand a person.

With this 25% of leaders in mind, we have created a tool that reduces the amount of energy needed to increase their level of empathy. A strong team is a team with low internal tension. Such a team is a source of real competitive advantage.

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