Communicate on the Same Wavelength



The Empathy Gap is the difference between an employee’s and an employer’s perception of whether an organization is empathetic

2019 State of Workplace Empathy (Businessolver)

The gap between what company bosses (92%) declare about empathy and what employees feel (72%) is wide. The bosses are similarly optimistic when assessing their company’s relations with customers. Apparently, positive thinking is needed to function in a highly demanding and changing environment. Whatever the reasons, it is important to remember that the view from above is better than from below. So, if we manage a company or a team and it seems to us that it is good, it means that it is at most sufficient.

Assuming this coefficient for making it real, company heads and people responsible for a good atmosphere and level of empathy in the organization should pay attention to tools that help with polite communication in the company.

Mind the gap!

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