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Do you know those people who confidently claim that they are “empathetic” and even more confidently assert that “they don’t need any help in relationships” because they handle them brilliantly? 🤔 I encounter such people quite often. However, it very quickly turns out that it takes a simple situation in business where they clash with […]
Joyful dictatorship, or the downside of enthusiastic leaders   He who has learned to listen will be able to command as well Solon   What is excessive enthusiasm?   Over-enthusiasm on the part of a leader is one of the factors hindering the effective exchange of information and ideas in a team. Probably everyone, at […]
How does kindness change a company? Showing kindness to each other increases employee engagement and satisfaction   What is kindness?   In a competitive-oriented culture, the belief that being kind does not facilitate goal achievement (Agarwal, 2019) meant that kindness was not a particular focus for leaders, and it was certainly difficult to see it […]
The mental condition of young people and communication problems One in three young people feel lonely   What is the mental condition of adolescents?   Being a teenager is not easy – adolescence is not only a time of intense biological changes. It is also a stage of numerous psychological and social challenges – young […]
Over the past decades, the technology sector has become one of the fastest-growing areas of the economy, setting the course for other industries and impacting the daily lives of people around the world. Despite this impressive growth, the industry is struggling with diversity and inclusion (D&I) challenges that affect both its workforce structure and organizational […]
While this may come as a surprise, it turns out that quite a lot of commonly used personality tests diagnose personality not much better than… a horoscope*. So should they be used in professional research? Personality, personality model and test What is personality?  Personality is a set of traits, behaviors, feelings and thoughts that make […]



There is a two to three hour time difference between Mexico and Germany. Of course, we’re not referring to the geographical time difference, but about punctuality. In a culture where time is linear, time is money and you need to make the most of it. Where time is flexible, it is a tool. You use […]
Individualistic cultures breed lonely heroes. The ideal employee is like a rockstar – visible, loud, effective. Such a person, wanting to make a good impression, will talk about what they’ve done in the past. What successes they’ve had, what they’ve learned from their failures and what plans they have in the future. It makes a […]
For one, knowledge, experience, reliability and delivered results should be a sufficient reason to trust someone. They do not need to know whether you have a dog, a wife, what religion you are, whether your children (if any) like to swim or ride horses. In fact, in many cases, the other person doesn’t care at […]



Procrastination and personality
It turns out that according to research [1], low levels of conscientiousness in the OCEAN model are associated with procrastination, among other things. [1] Higgins, D.M.; Peterson, J.B.; Lee, A.; Pihl, R.O. (2007). Prefrontal cognitive ability, intelligence, Big Five personality and the prediction of advanced academic and workplace performance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
Personality differences and intercultural differences
It turns out that there is a correlation of cultural factors indicated by Geert Hofstede, namely individualism, distance to power, masculinity and avoidance of uncertainty, with the average results of the big five (McCrae, Terracciano, 2005). For example, individualism correlates with extraversion, and conscientiousness correlates with high hierarchy.
Do dolphins have 5 personality traits?
A 2021 study (Bottlenose Dolphin Personality Structure; Morton, Robinson, Brando, Weiss) shows that dolphins share similar personality traits to humans despite having evolved separately over millions of years.


Newly minted managers become confident in their actions because of Em.
Newly minted managers, leaders who have just left the professional environment where they felt at home, can gain more confidence on new ground, using the support of Em. Empatyzer will not only allow them to get to know and understand the various needs of their team, but every user will also be able to follow […]
Schoolchildren can use Empatyzer as entertainment.
Online entertainment, including games, is for young people what the backyard was for older generations. If we want to educate young people in the art of communication, we should go where they are. Empatyzer is an online service, so it is a great opportunity to build awareness of differences and the ability to cope with […]
Principals can use Empatyzer in schools free of charge so that young people can benefit from Em’s advice.
School principals can implement Empatyzer free of charge in their schools. Not only large schools in urban centers will benefit from this, but above all small schools in towns where differences in a homogeneous environment tend to be so small that they are ignored. Meanwhile, learning about differences in a low pressure environment will allow […]
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