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Negative situations demotivate seven times more than positive situations motivate

University of Surrey & University of Kentucky

Are you fully aware of the significance of these research findings? Incivility, bad behavior and a lack of empathy can demotivate people seven times more than positive behavior can motivate them. Seven times more – it takes seven good things to fix one piece of bad behavior in a relationship.

This is the destructive power of toxic people, this is the background to the stories contained in the “How Not to Be an Asshole” series of books. Untrained leaders transfer aggressive behavior from the “red ocean” to an internal environment that should be the “blue ocean.”

Understanding this fact is not enough. For the sake of the company, for the sake of people, empathy should be trained at every step – and this applies primarily to leaders. Any tool that helps with this is valuable and can make a difference in a team.

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