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It turns out that according to research [1], low levels of conscientiousness in the OCEAN model are associated with procrastination, among other things. [1] Higgins, D.M.; Peterson, J.B.; Lee, A.; Pihl, R.O. (2007). Prefrontal cognitive ability, intelligence, Big Five personality and the prediction of advanced academic and workplace performance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
A 2021 study (Bottlenose Dolphin Personality Structure; Morton, Robinson, Brando, Weiss) shows that dolphins share similar personality traits to humans despite having evolved separately over millions of years.
Research by Markey and Tinsley in 2004 shows that personality traits are relatively stable from preschool to adulthood. However, with age, agreeableness and conscientiousness increase, and neuroticism decreases.
According to research, we inherit a lot of personality traits. And so it is believed that 54% of us inherit extraversion, 49% conscientiousness, 48% neuroticism, and 42% agreeableness. The research dates back to 2003 and was performed on twins.
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