Communicate on the Same Wavelength



When people felt their leaders were more empathetic, 86% of them said they were able to meet the demands of their work and life


It is easier for us to operate in a friendly environment and we all know this from our own experience. We may wonder if research was needed to confirm this. But it’s good to know exactly what you know, as well as to know what you don’t know yet. Especially since our own intuition can be very unreliable.

So, here we see that a friendly environment, kind behavior in general, and taking care of other people’s needs, are reasons why people not only sleep better, get sick less, and are more engaged, but also cope better in their private lives, and as a consequence, they bring more energy to work. If we do not have to spend this energy on managing difficult relationships, it will be turned into results and goals will be achieved.

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