Communicate on the Same Wavelength


Improve leadership skills across your organization with an AI-driven coach.

  • Training based on scientific diagnosis of the team and leader
  • Fully personalized development program for the entire team
  • up to 30x better knowledge retention
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People don't leave companies; they leave bad managers." Empatyzer is here to fix that.

With Empatyzer, you can:

- Train all leaders and include all employees in a comprehensive development program.
- Experience 100% personalized training tailored to individual needs.
- Benefit from a program that runs all year and adapts to team changes seamlessly.
- Enjoy short texts and lessons that fit into the flow of your day without requiring dedicated breaks.
- Access training in 6 languages, addressing customs from 52 countries.

Curious about what we cover? Here are some sample topics:

- Conducting a scientific diagnosis of each employee individually.
- Helping employees work on individual strengths and weaknesses.
- Facilitating effective collaboration with people of different personalities.
- Promoting effective collaboration with people from different cultures.
- Supporting effective collaboration with neurodiverse individuals.
- Providing training in feedback and motivation techniques.

Ready to transform your team's leadership and collaboration? Let Empatyzer guide you.


More effective leaders and cohesive teams

1. Teach leaders to better understand and manage their team members.

2. Help each employee recognize their unique strengths and areas for development.

3. Prevent quick forgetting with reminders and knowledge tests.
Your Company Open to Diversity

1. Launch a single training that addresses personality, intercultural, generational, and neurodiversity differences simultaneously!

2. Easily implement a neurodiversity program in your company and support cultural differences.

3. Support minorities, such as people with disabilities.
Building Relationships in Remote Work

1. Improve collaboration through high-quality interpersonal communication.

2. Increase retention with a better work atmosphere.

3. Enable more effective management by helping leaders better understand their teams.
Prepare Your Company for ESG

Easily integrate "Social Responsibility" into your "Corporate Governance".


Em will help you improve communication right away and all year long
Em means diversity without conflict
Raise the quality of communication in your company across the board from day one
  • An abrupt improvement in the quality of communication in teams
  • Reinforce and prolong the effects of interpersonal and intercultural communication trainings
  • A great tool that supports the implementation of IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access) initiatives
Get instructions about how best to talk to a specific person on your team
  • Em tells you how to communicate effectively with a specific person or group
  • Em suggests clear do's and don'ts for specific team members from different cultures
  • Em can anticipate tension and conflicts in a team before they happen and warn the right people at the right time
Practical communication training sessions that last the entire year for everyone, without taking up valuable time during the workday
  • Less misunderstandings and idle conversations
  • Increased efficiency of distributed and remote teams
  • Easier to make changes in the organization
Create a friendly atmosphere in your classrooms and school, totally free of charge
  • Em teaches young people how to communicate better with their peers
  • Em improves the acquisition of key intercultural skills and helps kids train them in practice
  • By improving relationships, EM helps reduce stress across peer groups
"A patient will never care how much you know until he knows how much you care." – S. Terry Canale
  • Development work is already underway on a solution to support doctor-patient relationships both in an office setting and in telemedicine.

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