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Do you know those people who confidently claim that they are “empathetic” and even more confidently assert that “they don’t need any help in relationships” because they handle them brilliantly? 🤔 I encounter such people quite often. However, it very quickly turns out that it takes a simple situation in business where they clash with […]
Joyful dictatorship, or the downside of enthusiastic leaders   He who has learned to listen will be able to command as well Solon   What is excessive enthusiasm?   Over-enthusiasm on the part of a leader is one of the factors hindering the effective exchange of information and ideas in a team. Probably everyone, at […]
How does kindness change a company? Showing kindness to each other increases employee engagement and satisfaction   What is kindness?   In a competitive-oriented culture, the belief that being kind does not facilitate goal achievement (Agarwal, 2019) meant that kindness was not a particular focus for leaders, and it was certainly difficult to see it […]
The mental condition of young people and communication problems One in three young people feel lonely   What is the mental condition of adolescents?   Being a teenager is not easy – adolescence is not only a time of intense biological changes. It is also a stage of numerous psychological and social challenges – young […]
Over the past decades, the technology sector has become one of the fastest-growing areas of the economy, setting the course for other industries and impacting the daily lives of people around the world. Despite this impressive growth, the industry is struggling with diversity and inclusion (D&I) challenges that affect both its workforce structure and organizational […]
While this may come as a surprise, it turns out that quite a lot of commonly used personality tests diagnose personality not much better than… a horoscope*. So should they be used in professional research? Personality, personality model and test What is personality?  Personality is a set of traits, behaviors, feelings and thoughts that make […]
In the face of a rapidly changing global educational landscape, issues of diversity and inclusion (D&I) are gaining prominence as key elements of education sector development strategies. Today’s educational institutions face the challenge of preparing students to live and work in an increasingly globalized and multicultural world. Therefore, integrating D&I principles into teaching, institutional policies […]
Soft power tactics (which promote flexibility and openness) can have a negative impact on those employees who are uncomfortable with uncertainty (Bélanger, Pierro, Kruglanski, 2015) What is the need for cognitive closure?   In the past few years, a sense of uncertainty has accompanied us at almost every step. The pandemic and the war in […]
In a rapidly changing world where innovation and creativity are becoming key factors for success, the automotive sector faces unique challenges. It is no longer just about technological development and increasing production efficiency, but also about building a sustainable work environment that promotes diversity and inclusion (D&I).  Diversity and Inclusion: New Horizons for Innovation in […]
Emotions are data. When you see what other people are feeling, it’s information about their motivations, which takes a lot of their energy and attention. Without this information, you are effectively handicapped as a leader. Sigal Barsade   What is the belief that others have the same, and where does it come from?   The […]
There is no better way to achieve success than to include diversity What is neurodiversity?   Neurodiversity is the concept stating that there is no universal pattern of correct behavior, thinking, feeling, and learning. People are naturally different in how they experience the world and how they interact with it. These differences are not equated […]
It only takes a week for us to forget 90% of what we just learned   What is memorization? Continuously improving the professional competence of the workforce is a prerequisite for maintaining the company’s competitive edge. It makes it easier for employees to adapt to market changes and helps to achieve high financial results.   […]
What are communication skills?   In addition to exchanging information, a key role of communication is to influence and build relationships with others (Dolna 2010). In order for it to be feasible – appropriate communication competencies are necessary. They allow to convey of understandable messages, considering the individual and cultural features of the recipient.   […]
Your Homeland is where people understand your jokes Miljenko Jergović The way coworkers joke and what they find funny can determine the productivity of a team, and the financial results of the entire organization. Why is a sense of humor important? Teams that laugh are twice as likely to solve their tasks creatively (Mc Kinsey, […]
All it takes is one complaining employee for the mood and effectiveness of others to deteriorate (Psychology Today, 2017). That’s why it’s so important for every leader to be effective in the communication process, which will allow for the relief of tensions caused by complaining in the team. Where does complaining come from? Satisfying the […]
Microaggressions are not only about biting comments and obscene jokes. They are also improperly constructed compliments that can cost your company a lot. What is a microaggression? Verbal messages can affect employees in two ways: motivate them to develop or lower their self-esteem. Undermining the competence and value of an employee can happen when inappropriate […]
Personalizing education is both necessary and virtually impossible to implement in the current educational system. However, this impossibility of implementation is just due to a lack of tools? If so, this is a problem that can be solved. What are learning styles? We all have our preferred learning styles. According to one of the typologies […]
People don’t change, but they can improve themselves. Using one’s own temperament in a new way, they can bend it to serve other values (Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt). What is temperament? Temperament is a set of constant behavioral traits that can already be visible from infancy. Example: some babies are calm while others cry very loudly. The […]
“In fact, no one can overcome their temperament. It will always determine their conduct.” Alfred Kubin Who is a choleric? The theory of temperaments by Hippocrates and Galen assumes that there are four juices flowing through the human body. On the basis of whichever juice there is the most of, the corresponding type of human […]
“Empathy is not just seeing through another person’s eyes. It’s hard work of reflection and understanding how that person observes and experiences the world.” Carl Rogers What is empathy? As many as 79% of CEOs admit that being empathetic is a big challenge for them (Businessolver, 2022). Meanwhile, empathy is widely considered one of the […]
Reliability determines whether a given test is valuable. This is what distinguishes a diagnostic test from a horoscope. Unfortunately, it is reliability that is often lacking, even in professional solutions based on scientific tests. What does it mean that a test is reliable? The reliability of a test tells us about the repeatability and accuracy […]
Diversity without including minority groups in a company’s activities is not only wasted potential, but it also lowers the chance of market success. What is Diversity & Inclusion? The basic assumption of the D&I philosophy is to acknowledge the diverse characteristics of employees and to incorporate them into all of a company’s activities in the […]
Culture explains to us the rules that govern the world – and most of us are convinced that these rules are universal. There could be no greater mistake. What are cultural differences? With cultural differences, the problem isn’t what we can see or observe i.e., different types of clothing, food, music or customs. These are […]
In today’s rapidly changing business world, diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the professional services sector is becoming not just a moral imperative, but a key success factor. Covering areas such as consulting, law, accounting and information technology, the sector faces the challenge of adapting to a globally diverse labor market and clientele. Implementing D&I is […]
The entertainment sector, which is at the intersection of creativity, culture and technology, is increasingly recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in creating universal content. From movies to music to video games, the industry faces the challenge of not only entertaining, but also educating and connecting people from all corners of the world. […]
Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the tourism sector is essential to creating a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all travelers. In an industry that brings together people from different cultures and backgrounds, promoting D&I not only fosters better cross-cultural understanding and respect, but also contributes to the sustainability and growth of the sector. By prioritizing […]
Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the aviation sector is becoming increasingly important in the context of global operations and a diverse clientele. Airlines and other aviation industry players face the challenge of creating work environments and services that are inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or ability. The current state […]
Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the marketing and advertising sector is key to creating content that reflects and engages a diverse society. In an industry that shapes consumer perception and behavior, promoting D&I is not only ethical, but also strategic. The current state of D&I in the marketing sector These statistics highlight the challenges and […]
Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the hospitality sector is gaining importance as a key component of business and operational strategy. The industry, which is on the front lines of contact with a diverse clientele from around the world, faces the challenge of creating an environment that is not only welcoming and open, but also fully […]
Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the financial sector is gaining importance as awareness grows of the benefits of diverse perspectives and more inclusive work environments. In an industry that has traditionally been viewed as conservative and homogeneous, D&I initiatives are designed to not only promote equality and fairness, but also to contribute to innovation, improve […]
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