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Newly minted managers, leaders who have just left the professional environment where they felt at home, can gain more confidence on new ground, using the support of Em. Empatyzer will not only allow them to get to know and understand the various needs of their team, but every user will also be able to follow […]
Online entertainment, including games, is for young people what the backyard was for older generations. If we want to educate young people in the art of communication, we should go where they are. Empatyzer is an online service, so it is a great opportunity to build awareness of differences and the ability to cope with […]
School principals can implement Empatyzer free of charge in their schools. Not only large schools in urban centers will benefit from this, but above all small schools in towns where differences in a homogeneous environment tend to be so small that they are ignored. Meanwhile, learning about differences in a low pressure environment will allow […]
School classrooms are becoming an increasingly diverse environment. Immigration and individualization are just two of several factors exacerbating this phenomenon. In addition to the benefits of this, we also have challenges in the context of communication. The IDEA concept (inclusion, diversity, equity, access) greatly helps to support a broader understanding of diversity. Em is a […]
Intensive relationship building, developing interpersonal skills and learning the art of communication are all necessary when at school. Unfortunately, the curriculum usually does not support these skills. If the school deals with this topic, it’s not in the form of systematic classes that would constantly improve skills in this area. As a result, young people […]
Growing up is difficult, and building relationships, i.e. communication, is one of the basic skills learned during this period. This process will not go smoothly without the buy-in from young people themselves and making them aware of the diversity of personality types, characters and cultures. School counselors and school psychologists play a key role in […]
More than 74% of American companies use a permanent hybrid work model or intend to implement it. This trend is on the rise regardless of location when it comes to desk jobs, which globally account for 20% of employees. In this new reality, online communication dominates, where one can no longer (or to a much […]
Chat is becoming an increasingly popular communication channel in business. Tech companies that adapt solutions such as Slack or Discord are at the forefront here in particular. Other industries are dominated by more business-related communication platforms such as Teams. Em can provide advice across all of these channels, making sure good conversations can continue across […]
16% of managers prefer email interactions because they feel uncomfortable communicating face-to-face. 30% of medium-sized companies primarily use email to communicate. Taking this into account, the ability to communicate properly in this channel is crucial. That’s why Em gives you tips about how to better communicate with others in Outlook and Gmail.
IDEA stands for inclusion, diversity, equity and access. Em helps build a culture based on these values ​​by helping people understand each other.
Em supports the idea of ​​accessibility by helping people communicate. This makes it easier to build bridges between employees.
Em gives everyone a chance to be understood, and thus treated equally due to the manner of communication, talents and expectations. In this way, she helps to build a culture based on equality.
Diversity includes all the many differences between people and relates to any characteristics that distinguish one person or group from others. This includes personality traits and cultural differences. Em helps to implement a diversity policy in the company – every day, all year round, in every online conversation.
Inclusion into a community requires not only appropriate procedures, but also building understanding and mutual respect. Em supports this idea by building awareness and providing tools so that we can better understand other people in the workplace and in educational institutions.
Most of us, even those in long-term relationships, always feel like there’s only one way to understand certain information. Especially in a professional situation, where everything has a clear business context, and relationships are shallower, more accidental, sometimes one-off. Meanwhile, it may be very important for the quality of communication in such cases to remind […]
Reminding yourself that in a particular situation it’s better to control your explosiveness helps to keep your reactions under control. How does Em help us with this? In some relationships, she gives out advice that reduces the risk of misbehavior by one or both parties.
You have to know what it means, that’s for sure. But you also need to be aware that with some people you need to pay extra attention to listening and taking longer pauses. These people need time to think before they can express themselves. Em knows what those moments are and which people to talk […]
Some expect that the idea will be presented to them in the form of large blocks visible from a bird’s eye view, that the general mechanics will be shown, and that the details will be added by themselves. Others want the opposite – the minute details from which they will build a high-resolution complete picture. […]
If you pay attention to small details, the passing of a car on the road can seem like total chaos. Leaves are blowing all around, sand and dust are rising, the car makes a loud noise and there’s air movement. When you watch with a little less attention to detail, you see a car going […]
People who make decisions quickly have an advantage in many situations over those who analyze everything thoroughly. The former make a lot of mistakes, constantly training their intuition and their ability to make quick decisions. They constantly reaffirm their life-long attitude of automatically getting up after every fall. Meanwhile, the latter prefer to look at […]
“Don’t listen to what I say, listen to what I mean” – do you recognize this? Speaking between the lines can be a difficult exercise and incomprehensible behavior for many audiences. Especially when they don’t realize that they’re participating in this type of communication. We enter the next level of difficulty when speaking between the […]
A lack of trust is a trait that works best in professions that require the use of the principle of limited trust and slow relationship building, e.g. in a courtroom. In other situations, this trait can be the cause of delays and personal tensions, e.g. in professions that require quick problem solving, where creativity and […]
Some value stability and routine, while others focus more on what is new and progressive. However, most companies repeat “progress, innovation, creativity” like a mantra. It’s hardly surprising that people who prefer stability don’t show it. So, of course, they are involved in new projects, ideas, brainstorming sessions and other activities that benefit from rapid […]
In the day-to-day reality of working in a company, sending an email to one person is not as common as to two or more people. However, it is different to know how to communicate to one person than to know how to communicate to a group. Should you be more careful not to offend anyone? […]
For people, relationships are the foundation on which everything else is built. Great work, pay, and company benefits will not motivate you to work in the same way as good relationships, a good team, a sense of community and understanding. Individuals will see relationships as being important to a greater and lesser degree. However, what […]
Empatyzer is the first solution of its kind in this category, so it’s worth explaining how it works. The principle is simple: Em is an intelligent chatbot that advises users how to communicate with specific people in their team. Em tells them what to do and what not to do in specific situations and helps […]
Retention of knowledge from training courses is consistently low – and it’s no wonder. From the very beginning, we have the feeling that no one will test us about what we learn. What’s more, after the training, we return to patterns that are both imposed by the organization and those fixed in our own behavior. […]
Let’s say you’re one of those people who are attentive in relationships and want your messages to be tailored to other people’s needs. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to customize your message. A simple piece of advice can put you on the right path. It will give you confidence in how you […]
We used to work with young managers who quickly noticed that their specialist skills were not so useful in their new role. Soft skills started to count much more: intuition and experience in working with people. In the programming community, these skills were neither heavily trained nor specifically required. But when you become a leader, […]
We have worked in very diverse working environments, where not only personality and cultural differences came to the fore, but also those related to the predominance of artistic or analytical talents. Unsurprisingly, we ran into trouble on more than one occasion with knowing how to behave. What to say and how to say it so […]
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