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The intuition of many leaders tells them that the environment inside an organization is governed by the same laws as the environment outside. Since the external market is aggressive and does not tolerate weaknesses, and any mistakes are exploited, the same rules apply inside a company. It is also a market. Influence, gains, losses, layoffs […]
The lack of a sense of being part of a team leads to exclusion and is a difficult experience for people. Our internal software sets the sense of belonging and relationship quality as important values. It triggers an alarm state when the situation in this context is not favorable for us. The feeling of loneliness […]
The Empathy Gap exists and is doing well, although it should be noted that the problem is decreasing year by year. The growing awareness of companies means that they implement more and more processes that allow you to effectively implement empathy. Our tool is one of the solutions that can significantly support these efforts.
Research conducted by Businessolver year after year shows a steady increase in awareness among CEOs that empathy is a key skill in business in the 21st century. However, understanding and awareness is one thing, and implementation of it another. The Empathy Gap is no accident. It’s just that leaders were not held accountable for this […]
The war for talent roars on. According to Glassdoor, recruiting one specialist translates to 250 applicants, 5 interviews and 1 candidate. The entire recruitment process can be very expensive, because according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average cost in a company of up to 500 people is $7,645. Resignation from a […]
The gap between what company bosses (92%) declare about empathy and what employees feel (72%) is wide. The bosses are similarly optimistic when assessing their company’s relations with customers. Apparently, positive thinking is needed to function in a highly demanding and changing environment. Whatever the reasons, it is important to remember that the view from […]
All bosses want committed teams that will rise to the occasion when additional commitment is required. However, commitment does not come from nothing. This is yield. In order to collect it, you must first prepare the ground, then sow it and, most importantly, provide the right conditions for its growth. Be caring, show understanding, adapt […]
Psychological and psychiatric problems are being reported more and more often, especially since the changes caused by the pandemic. Research shows that a good hedge against these problems is simple human kindness. This kindness can be expressed on many different levels: organizational, process, and on those that simply make us feel comfortable talking to someone […]
It is easier for us to operate in a friendly environment and we all know this from our own experience. We may wonder if research was needed to confirm this. But it’s good to know exactly what you know, as well as to know what you don’t know yet. Especially since our own intuition can […]
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