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In 2017, 57% of CEOs considered empathy important. By 2019 it was already up to 72%

2019 State of Workplace Empathy (Businessolver)

Research conducted by Businessolver year after year shows a steady increase in awareness among CEOs that empathy is a key skill in business in the 21st century. However, understanding and awareness is one thing, and implementation of it another. The Empathy Gap is no accident. It’s just that leaders were not held accountable for this type of skill when gaining their positions. Few of them list such talents in their CV. Many even believe that since they have achieved what they have achieved in a certain way, they should continue to behave that way.

This belief is the number one killer of bosses. It is one thing to get a job and another to keep it. Without the support, trust and willingness to sacrifice from those around you, it will not be possible.

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