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25% of respondents blamed their organization for failing to develop their core skills

University of Surrey & University of Kentucky

People like to blame others for their bad decisions, don’t they? This won’t change. The lesson from this study is this: If you want an organization that takes full advantage of teams and doesn’t struggle with churn, you need to take responsibility for training people.

People are not inherently evil. They simply lack good role models, time to accept them, learn and reprogram their internal automatisms. Without these, under the pressure of time, results, and goals, they will use their own mechanisms, and if they do not have them, they will create them based on the values ​​they believe in, e.g. “no pain, no gain”. And they will inflict this pain, not understanding that it is not about pain as such, but about effort and determination, which sometimes hurts.

In conclusion: training people in good behavior rests solely on your shoulders. Empathy!

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