Communicate on the Same Wavelength



71% of medical professionals linked bad relationships within teams to medical errors

Christine L. Porath, PHD, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

The pressure of time and results in medicine is no less than in business. The goals differ significantly, but the process is the same – a person has to deliver the expected quality of value on time. In medicine, the cost is not a decimal point in Excel or a broken contract, but a human life. This higher goal, however, did not lead to the invention of a better management method, but to the maximum use of the existing one. As a result, not only its pluses, but also its minuses intensified. The downsides are disrespect, rudeness, objectification and lack of empathy.

The belief that these disadvantages will be offset by the team’s additional sacrifice in the name of a higher goal is obviously vain. Friction in the assembly is a waste of energy – as in mechanics. Empathy is the oil.

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