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Psychological security. To many, this sounds a bit like a handbook for the parents of a two-year-old rather than research into effectiveness on the battlefield of modern business. Or maybe is it because business isn’t a battlefield after all? That we’re not actually fighting for survival at work? And that work should develop us, energize […]
This probably comes as no surprise. Who would be interested in pro-social behavior and building relationships if the environment is hostile? Few. You hear that someone has a problem and, honestly, you don’t want to help, although you could. You start to calculate if anyone will find out that you could have, but you didn’t… […]
Customer centricity – this is the goal of all organizations. On paper and in the minds of leaders, it is number one. And how do leaders implement it? As they can – according to the standards they accept and by which they act. Determination is the main drive. Pain, fatigue and sweat are signs that […]
Did they give this reason to their employer when they left? Of course not. It is not considered appropriate to leave for such emotional reasons. That would be unprofessional. We are leaving because we have found even greater challenges – we are conquerors, after all, superheroes fighting the forces of lazy evil. However, the truth […]
Commitment to an organization – whether to the whole organization or to a single team – is less and less the result of mindless acceptance of a set of goals and the feeling that work is the most important goal in life. In fact, this trend is disappearing. Greater awareness and knowledge changes perception. Employees […]
Totally unprofessional! How can something that is so unimportant, from the perspective of the organization’s goals clearly described in an Excel file, affect results at work? These people should be reprogrammed as soon as possible and set on the right line of thinking. Teach them, but if necessary, fire them. Do you think such an […]
Why would anyone intentionally make things worse? For a simple reason: because “there is no time for pleasantries at work.” You need to be quick, efficient and forward. The problem is that humans are not robots. What looks healthy on the surface often rots from the inside out. Problems and conflicts arising from interpersonal relationships […]
There can be many reasons for the breakdown of relationships in the workplace. It can be because of remote work, or the increasing narcissism among younger employees, or globalization, which breeds conflicts that bubble under the surface of everyday behavior. This by no means exhausts the sources of the problem however. There are many reasons […]
The price of incivility in the workplace is invisible because emotions are very difficult to put into tables in a spreadsheet – the only fully understandable language of business. However, this does not change the fact that the problem exists. Research shows that incivility in the workplace has been on the rise for decades. In […]
Among those who did not experience empathetic behavior at work – from their colleagues or a leader – only 32% declared commitment. In any situation, we are first and foremost human beings. Of course, we can perfect our talents such as reliability and conscientiousness, and then, even in an environment that is not friendly to […]
There is no business success without very good specialists, and an organization has no chance of retaining such specialists without empathy. At the same time, leaders, starting from the head of a team of several people, through lower, middle and senior managers, and ending with the CEO, rarely acquire such skills. Empathy was not among […]
The war for talent rages on. The most intense clashes take place in the IT industry – it’s the toughest market. However, qualified employees are extremely valuable to any organization, in any industry. That is why the departure of good employees especially hurts. Individual departures affect people involved in a given process, and many affect […]
For comparison – a survey conducted by StackOverflow on 90 thousand programmers showed that the overrepresentation of people diagnosed in this group is 270%. That’s still more than three times the average. Good engineers and programmers are the main cause of the war for talent. This works both ways. Reluctance to socially interact, low sensitivity […]
Nearly 92% of success in communication is emotions. If we exclude body language from this, then the intonation of the voice and words remain – as during a telephone or online voice conversation. If we subtract the intonation, words and emoticons remain – just as they do during chat conversations. The band in which we […]
This calculation is one of many that show how communication affects finances. They all agree that misunderstandings and tensions cause losses. Projects carried out without conviction, where the goal is unclear, there is a lack of commitment, and even the desire is absent – all this has an impact on the effectiveness of work, its […]
Good communication is not only the precise transmission of facts and data. It is also, and basically above all, conveying the right emotions or at least not triggering the bad ones. We are social and emotional beings, so what we feel determines how we behave and what decisions we make. The manner of delivery is […]
“What was he trying to tell me by sending this email?” “I feel like they don’t want to hear what I have to say.” “They are undermining my authority.” “These people are completely passive and do not want to participate in the conversation.” “This boss does not inspire my confidence, he asks us everything.” “This […]
Trust and commitment have a significant impact on the quality of the tasks performed. Engagement doesn’t come out of nowhere. This is the result of good communication between people in the team and between teams. Vertical communication, i.e. management board <–> management <–> ​​employee, is also very important. Any course of action that permanently leads […]
Communication is of great importance. It’s influenced, for example, by an unclear subject, the lack of a clear purpose, the lack of indication of action, incomplete information or excess information, violation of privacy rules, errors and inaccuracies, and also by use of an inappropriate tone. At the same time, we know from Albert Mehrabian’s research […]
It’s fun to work with people you get along with. It’s easier to feel part of the shared goals and responsibility for delivering results. Work is no longer just about the company you work for – which is often a large international organization – but about the people you work with. Your work may not […]
Good relationships in teams don’t come out of nowhere. Their source is primarily communication between individuals. Taking into account the fact that everyone is different, good communication is never easy. If you’ve ever been surprised by the reaction to your words, then you know what we’re talking about. You send an “A” signal, while someone […]
Work environments are becoming more and more diverse. This has a positive impact on a company’s condition because diversity is a source of ideas and innovation, but the cost is poor communication. Diversity has many different dimensions. The most important, however, are personality and cultural differences. As we experienced the consequences of poor communication ourselves, […]
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