Communicate on the Same Wavelength



78% of those surveyed said their commitment to the organization had decreased


Commitment to an organization – whether to the whole organization or to a single team – is less and less the result of mindless acceptance of a set of goals and the feeling that work is the most important goal in life. In fact, this trend is disappearing. Greater awareness and knowledge changes perception.

Employees expect that work will complement them, develop them, give them money and energy for everyday life – building relationships with friends and family. It should not deprive them of life energy, as if they were in a constant struggle for survival. Leaders, although they themselves struggle with enormous stress on a daily basis, must activate their empathy for other employees. They cannot transfer their fears, stresses and pressures onto them.

It’s certainly not easy. It is indeed very difficult, and for many it is almost impossible. But that’s what modern leadership is all about. Any tool that helps leaders and teams do this is worth its weight in gold.

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