Communicate on the Same Wavelength



25% of employees experiencing rude behavior admitted to taking their frustrations out on customers


Customer centricity – this is the goal of all organizations. On paper and in the minds of leaders, it is number one. And how do leaders implement it? As they can – according to the standards they accept and by which they act. Determination is the main drive. Pain, fatigue and sweat are signs that everything is going in the right direction. Are you so sure?

Well, unfortunately not. What suits you will not necessarily suit others. The fact that you are driven by goals, work and success, that you can forget about all the inconveniences and even glorify them, does not mean that someone else is the same. Moreover, you are probably in the minority. If you care so much about the effects, you need to run an application called empathy in your head – only then will you be able to keep your team motivated. Unless you clone yourself (joke). Seriously though, Em can help you run this app.

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