Communicate on the Same Wavelength



66% of respondents admitted that their performance decreased as a result of being rude at work


Totally unprofessional! How can something that is so unimportant, from the perspective of the organization’s goals clearly described in an Excel file, affect results at work? These people should be reprogrammed as soon as possible and set on the right line of thinking. Teach them, but if necessary, fire them.

Do you think such an assessment is rare? Contrary to appearances, this is quite a common automatism in the thinking of many leaders. It is compatible with the common belief in “no pain, no gain”. Maybe they don’t exist, or maybe they do. In any case, if this pain must be there, it should at least come from struggling with a real problem, not from jostling inside an organization and making each other’s lives miserable. Because then the leaders, stressed by the fight, take it out on the employees, and the employees, thinking that this is the culture of the organization, treat each other the same way.

What’s the overall effect? 66% of people are not productive. Organizations need solutions that they can implement easily. Em can help.

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