Communicate on the Same Wavelength



76% of people who have experienced empathy said they were engaged at work


Among those who did not experience empathetic behavior at work – from their colleagues or a leader – only 32% declared commitment. In any situation, we are first and foremost human beings. Of course, we can perfect our talents such as reliability and conscientiousness, and then, even in an environment that is not friendly to us, we will work effectively and efficiently. This was the doctrine of the 1980s: man as master of his domain driven by his work ethic. Work was the most important activity and the meaning of life.

These days, the world has changed. People expect a balance between who they are and their environment, duties, work, sleep, family and friends. They need this balance. Without it, they succumb to stress, burnout, depression and illness. That is why building relationships is so important today.

The working environment should be friendly. It’s not just about the operational ability of companies to pay on time and keep people happy with fruit on Thursdays, it’s about who you work with. It’s about your team and getting along with other team members.

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