Communicate on the Same Wavelength



38% of those surveyed said they intentionally lowered the quality of their work


Why would anyone intentionally make things worse? For a simple reason: because “there is no time for pleasantries at work.” You need to be quick, efficient and forward. The problem is that humans are not robots. What looks healthy on the surface often rots from the inside out. Problems and conflicts arising from interpersonal relationships are bubbling underneath and destroying the organization. Disregarding the lack of understanding of a situation and the preferences of another person is the direct cause of this problem.

Commitment is born of trust, good relations, and a sense of co-responsibility for the group. Do you want to achieve these through quarterly town halls, parties, benefits or thrilling speeches? All this is as effective as a band-aid for the flu. Healing relationships should start in a completely different place. Unfortunately, it’s not easy, because people still think: “there’s no time for pleasantries”, “we’re at war with the competition”, “first pain, then pleasure”. You need a solution that is affordable and within your operational reach. We offer one.

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