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Among programmers, there is an overrepresentation of people on the autism spectrum by nearly 400%

Developer Pitstop

For comparison – a survey conducted by StackOverflow on 90 thousand programmers showed that the overrepresentation of people diagnosed in this group is 270%. That’s still more than three times the average.

Good engineers and programmers are the main cause of the war for talent. This works both ways. Reluctance to socially interact, low sensitivity to body language, focusing on facts, reluctance to change – all this means that the ability to choose the right communication code is crucial. And that also works both ways. On the one hand, it allows you to understand the “troublesome” behavior of e.g. extroverts, and on the other hand, it helps the extrovert understand what he needs to slow down in his behavior in order to communicate effectively. Advice can significantly help both sides of this relationship.

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