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One’s sense of psychological security increases by 35% when suggestions are made kindly


Psychological security. To many, this sounds a bit like a handbook for the parents of a two-year-old rather than research into effectiveness on the battlefield of modern business.

Or maybe is it because business isn’t a battlefield after all? That we’re not actually fighting for survival at work? And that work should develop us, energize us, give us the means to achieve goals beyond work? It depends on your perspective. However, it must be mentioned that in the battle for hearts and minds, it’s the latter perspective that’s becoming more and more common. Mental security increases individual contribution and team performance. The team becomes a place where risk is more willingly taken, and risk is an opportunity for success and a source of innovation and creativity. Desires are born, and where there are desires, there are solutions.

Maybe it’s worth investing in a sense of mental security? Empathy is a good basis for such investment. Perhaps even the only one.

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