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47% of those mistreated deliberately reduced the time they spent at work


There can be many reasons for the breakdown of relationships in the workplace. It can be because of remote work, or the increasing narcissism among younger employees, or globalization, which breeds conflicts that bubble under the surface of everyday behavior. This by no means exhausts the sources of the problem however.

There are many reasons but the common underlying factor is a lack of empathy. What does it lead to? Let this statistic give you some food for thought: 78%. This is the percentage of people who said that the lack of empathy in the workplace reduced their commitment to the organization. 78% – that’s basically the entire company.

So, how can this be changed? Most company’s default response is to say “let’s organize a party, let’s give out some benefits or let’s talk about well-being.” These methods will be as effective as treating the flu by putting a patient in an oven (a quack practice from centuries ago). The solution lies elsewhere.

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