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Angry hostility (or irritability) is in Costa and McCrae’s big five sub-dimension describing neuroticism. High scorers in angry hostility are easily angered, tend to be impatient, and experience frustration quite often.
Neuroticism is one of the dimensions of the so-called Big Five of Costa and McCrae (OCEAN). People who score high on neuroticism tests more often than others interpret specific situations as threatening, they get rid of negative emotions for a long time, and it is harder to endure pressure and the clash with the challenges […]
People with a manipulative communication style have charm and usually the type of charm that is hard to resist. They willingly express words of appreciation, notice topics that can be praised, use charm to influence, do not say everything they think and care a lot about making a good impression.
This probably comes as no surprise. Who would be interested in pro-social behavior and building relationships if the environment is hostile? Few. You hear that someone has a problem and, honestly, you don’t want to help, although you could. You start to calculate if anyone will find out that you could have, but you didn’t… […]
Customer centricity – this is the goal of all organizations. On paper and in the minds of leaders, it is number one. And how do leaders implement it? As they can – according to the standards they accept and by which they act. Determination is the main drive. Pain, fatigue and sweat are signs that […]
Did they give this reason to their employer when they left? Of course not. It is not considered appropriate to leave for such emotional reasons. That would be unprofessional. We are leaving because we have found even greater challenges – we are conquerors, after all, superheroes fighting the forces of lazy evil. However, the truth […]
I’m sure we’ve all met people with an aggressive communication style at some point. This way of conversing, which is difficult to manage for building relationships, is typical for people who tend to explode with anger, they can take out their frustration on others, they are happy to distribute tasks, say what needs to be […]
Totally unprofessional! How can something that is so unimportant, from the perspective of the organization’s goals clearly described in an Excel file, affect results at work? These people should be reprogrammed as soon as possible and set on the right line of thinking. Teach them, but if necessary, fire them. Do you think such an […]
There can be many reasons for the breakdown of relationships in the workplace. It can be because of remote work, or the increasing narcissism among younger employees, or globalization, which breeds conflicts that bubble under the surface of everyday behavior. This by no means exhausts the sources of the problem however. There are many reasons […]
The price of incivility in the workplace is invisible because emotions are very difficult to put into tables in a spreadsheet – the only fully understandable language of business. However, this does not change the fact that the problem exists. Research shows that incivility in the workplace has been on the rise for decades. In […]
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