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According to the memory curve, we lose up to 75% of all acquired knowledge 5 days after a training course. But then according to other studies, testing improves the retention of knowledge by 22%. What would happen if you combined the continuous practice of applying simple advice with a constant reminder of it? This idea […]
Of course, not all knowledge evaporates and not all at once. Lots of valuable information sticks. Some things will stay with you your entire life – especially when we discover an obvious truth that has remained hidden from us for many years. With this said, most of the knowledge we obtain disappears. This is natural, […]
Training courses in the art of communication and cultural differences gives participants valuable knowledge. We have participated in such training courses many times. Sometimes they lasted for several days. The training itself was great, because it was not only knowledge, but also a time to relax and learn through play. But when we came back […]
If you work with people, this is the tool for you. If you manage people, this is the tool for you. If you’re responsible for ensuring that people communicate well, cooperate well, are able to avoid pointless conflicts and use conversation to solve problems, this is a tool created with you in mind. To sum […]
Empatyzer is not only a communication trainer that works at the website and e-mail level. It is primarily a tool linked to popular instant messenger Apps such as Slack, Discord, Teams, Outlook or Gmail. Thanks to this, during your normal work routine – conversations with other users – Empatyzer gives you real time tips on […]
Empatyzer is a tool based on professional tests for diagnosing personality, cultural differences and other features. The whole solution is based on nearly 30 years of scientific work. We’ve added a unique way of identifying the differences between people and then turning that into advice that gets to the heart of the differences between two […]
Everyone in the Empatyzer team had experience working in small, local, medium-sized (European) and global organizations. We worked as specialists, leaders, managers and heads of companies. Our main responsibility at some point was working with people. This taught us that people really are different. They are divided not only by character differences, but also by […]
It’s definitely not easy. Cultural differences don’t change just because someone was born on one side of a country’s border or another. Cultural differences also exist within countries. In addition, each of us modifies these differences by acquiring life and professional experiences. As a result, it is difficult to talk about a typical German, Swede, […]
Yes – and without this tool we will not achieve any business goal. It’s a paradox. The ability to communicate with another person about the realities of the workplace and business relationships is a key element of success, but it is not success in and of itself. There is only one conclusion: we need something […]
Conflicts and misunderstandings are a constant element of interpersonal relationships – both at work and in private relationships. However, while in private relationships the relationship is the goal, in our professional life the goal is something else, and the relationship is just one of several tools that we must use. Especially at work, under the […]
This is nothing unusual. People are different, and thus they look at reality differently, and they feel and react in different ways. Some people get really worried and are sometimes provoked to do things that people with a different nature wouldn’t do. The problem is that the whole team starts to believe that something is […]
Since Covid took over the role of CTO in companies and quickly implemented digital transformation without being asked, we are all suddenly talking to each other online. Video meetings have become the perfect and commonplace equivalent to face-to-face meetings. We haven’t actually met, and probably never will meet, many of the people we talk to […]
Intercultural training can be really inspiring – so many interesting and surprising differences. It’s interesting, but we need simple advice on a daily basis. How should you talk to Aashish, Eizo, or John who spent 15 years in Budapest? It’s not easy anymore. It would be necessary to know the specific cultural differences between people […]
What were those personality types again? What did that table look like? How should I behave? There was something – we even practiced it I think. Well, nevermind! Time is running out, and I still have this email to write. Recognize the situation? Training sessions are incredibly valuable, but knowledge retention is typically low. Never […]
Choosing the right trainer, negotiating conditions, training organization, scheduling the break from work for all trainees. A great training – everyone is smiling. How do we know that? We attended training sessions too, and we smiled too. At the beginning, we smiled a bit wider than our manager. Then, when we caught up, the width […]
Growing up is hard enough without communication difficulties. Meanwhile, we leave our children without any practical knowledge of how people differ from one another and how to talk to someone different from yourself. Good communication will not solve all students’ problems, but it will certainly make their lives easier. Especially since these days the average […]
Company parties, training sessions in interpersonal communication, cultural differences – and what are the effects? It’s better, but the atmosphere in the team is still tense? It’s quite natural. It’s one thing to receive knowledge, another to assimilate it, and yet another thing to put it into practice and then do it so often that […]
Are sparks flying? Gelling can be a difficult process. The abrasions that occur during this process sometimes take a long time to heal. This is not good for the overall effectiveness of the team, nor for the well-being of its members. People suffer, the project suffers, the business loses. I can only sympathize with the […]
It’s obvious that we’re all different. It’s much more difficult to define exactly what makes us different. It’s even harder to find the key to communicating with a specific person. Developed empathy is a rare quality. Meanwhile, from the point of view of a team and the employees themselves, the team should communicate fluently and […]
The art of communication is called an art form for a reason. It is the ability to read the preferences of another person, understand the differences between yourself and to whom you are addressing and then create a message that will be well understood and accepted. Chapeau bas for those who can pull this off […]
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