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Why does knowledge from communication training courses disappear?

Of course, not all knowledge evaporates and not all at once. Lots of valuable information sticks. Some things will stay with you your entire life – especially when we discover an obvious truth that has remained hidden from us for many years. With this said, most of the knowledge we obtain disappears.

This is natural, because according to the theory of memory, 75% of acquired knowledge disappears after five days (the Ebbinghaus curve). This is quite a lot. This would be consistent with our experience from numerous training sessions, including those on interpersonal communication. They were very interesting and informative. At the time.

Empatyzer approaches training in a completely different way. First of all, these are practical tips that solve the problem as it unfolds in real time, eliminating potential threats. In addition, the Empatyzer training session lasts all year round.

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