Communicate on the Same Wavelength



How does Empatyzer work?

Empatyzer is a tool based on professional tests for diagnosing personality, cultural differences and other features. The whole solution is based on nearly 30 years of scientific work. We’ve added a unique way of identifying the differences between people and then turning that into advice that gets to the heart of the differences between two or more people. The advice allows you to use the right communication style, understand both your differences and where you can potentially connect.

Our tool helps make people, even someone who’s hardly engaged at all in relationship building, more empathetic. Over time as you use Empatyzer, your knowledge and experience will grow. All of this is based on practical advice and behavioral training.

Empathy is called the most important leadership skill of the 21st century. At the same time, it can be developed – unlike, for example, IQ. Empatyzer empathizes with the person who uses it, because practice works wonders.

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