Communicate on the Same Wavelength



Does negative feedback from one team member undermine the morale of the rest?

This is nothing unusual. People are different, and thus they look at reality differently, and they feel and react in different ways. Some people get really worried and are sometimes provoked to do things that people with a different nature wouldn’t do. The problem is that the whole team starts to believe that something is really wrong. “If I felt that way, something really bad must be going on,” others think.

This can be solved in two ways. Reduce the number of situations that trigger negative emotions in people that have a tendency to complain. Let other people understand that everyone is different and some people react to incoming signals more strongly than others. But how can we actually achieve this in reality?

We have created a tool that knows the differences between specific people on a team. Thanks to this, it not only makes everyone aware of how they are different from others, but it also shows exactly how to behave so that these differences do not arouse negative emotions. A good atmosphere is possible even in the most diverse team.

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