Communicate on the Same Wavelength



How can we understand our work colleagues?

Conflicts and misunderstandings are a constant element of interpersonal relationships – both at work and in private relationships. However, while in private relationships the relationship is the goal, in our professional life the goal is something else, and the relationship is just one of several tools that we must use.

Especially at work, under the pressure of deadlines and an ever-changing environment, we need a simple solution that will help us both build relationships effectively and communicate as smoothly as possible. Relationships and communication are not our professional goal, but without relationships and very good communication, achieving our professional goals will not be possible. Relationships in the workplace and good communication are the foundation on which we can build the success of our company, the team and our own personal success.

This is why we decided to create Empatyzer. A tool that helps users to be empathetic by pointing to specific communication solutions in relation to other people on their team.

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