Communicate on the Same Wavelength



How can we organize a communication training that will not require much time or effort to organize?

Training courses in the art of communication and cultural differences gives participants valuable knowledge. We have participated in such training courses many times. Sometimes they lasted for several days. The training itself was great, because it was not only knowledge, but also a time to relax and learn through play.

But when we came back from the training session, the pressure of deadlines drove us up the wall. After a few days it was hard to remember what the training had been about exactly, and after a month – that it had happened at all. We repeated the same mistakes over and over again, sometimes realizing belatedly that something had gone wrong, sometimes not realizing it at all. Just typical situations in the workplace, where the turmoil of changes and deadlines chase each other in a crazy never-ending cycle.

So how does Empatyzer change all of this? Its advice is contextual and personal and does not require a break from work. You simply get advice exactly when you need it.

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