Communicate on the Same Wavelength



Are good work relationships a tool?

Yes – and without this tool we will not achieve any business goal. It’s a paradox. The ability to communicate with another person about the realities of the workplace and business relationships is a key element of success, but it is not success in and of itself.

There is only one conclusion: we need something that will help us avoid making mistakes in building relationships with people, learn to speak their language, quickly understand what and how to do so, so that communication runs smoothly and does not disrupt relationships in the broader team. Such a tool must be based on actual knowledge about who has what preferences, what communication style they have and to what extent our styles are compatible and to what extent they are not. Only then will we be able to translate knowledge into appropriate, sufficiently empathetic behavior. This can be very difficult, especially when cultural differences are added into the mix of differences.

This was the inspiration for creating a tool that will do everything for an employee. It will analyze the differences in character and culture, and then give specific advice for a specific relationship. This is how Empatyzer was created.

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