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Where did the idea for Empatyzer come from?

Everyone in the Empatyzer team had experience working in small, local, medium-sized (European) and global organizations. We worked as specialists, leaders, managers and heads of companies.

Our main responsibility at some point was working with people. This taught us that people really are different. They are divided not only by character differences, but also by cultural ones, and all this is mixed with life and professional experiences. When you are not an expert on the human soul, a practicing psychologist with years of experience or just someone with a huge dose of empathy – relationships can surprise you.

We experienced this ourselves. We’ve seen our teammates and other managers experience it. We’ve heard many different stories showing how important good relationships are at every level of the company. The stakes are really high. At the same time, few people can form them well.

In general we all have an engineering and scientific approach even to matters as seemingly ‘soft’ as interpersonal relations. So we decided that it’s worth creating a tool that will help people, regardless of their level of empathy, education or experience, to work with others – to take a bold step towards better communication.

This is how the idea of ​​Empatyzer was born. We combined psychological and engineering knowledge with a vision of a solution that is supposed to make everyone an empath.

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