Communicate on the Same Wavelength



How can we avoid conflicts due to cultural differences?

It’s definitely not easy. Cultural differences don’t change just because someone was born on one side of a country’s border or another. Cultural differences also exist within countries.

In addition, each of us modifies these differences by acquiring life and professional experiences. As a result, it is difficult to talk about a typical German, Swede, Pole or American. A generalization will certainly give you a picture, but to understand cultural differences, you have to measure them in a specific person. Only then can it be said with greater certainty whether these differences, despite being born and brought up in different countries, actually exist or are practically insignificant.

All this makes learning about cultural differences a real challenge. At the same time, the stakes are high. Cultural differences can cause intense misunderstandings and lead to project crises.

To make this difficult task easier, we built Empatyzer. It is a tool that recognizes cultural and personality differences. It helps with team and inter-team communication.

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