Communicate on the Same Wavelength



You find certain activities unorganized. Are you sure you’re in the right?

If you pay attention to small details, the passing of a car on the road can seem like total chaos. Leaves are blowing all around, sand and dust are rising, the car makes a loud noise and there’s air movement. When you watch with a little less attention to detail, you see a car going from point A to point B at the legal speed, so nothing out of the ordinary. Now look at it from a slightly higher perspective: you see traffic jams and communication chaos, i.e. disorder and a lack of organization. As you soar even higher, you see hundreds of thousands of shipments arriving on time.

To sum up – the perception of what chaos is, a lack of organization, and what is order and evidence of total organization depends largely on what we are used to looking at. The perspective of a tree is completely different from the perspective of a forest. Understanding these differences and turning them into advice will significantly help everyone understand that one person is great at organizing processes at a high level and does not see single elements, while another is focused on what he or she regards as small, strategic issues.

Em helps to understand and smooth over problems and mutual resentment resulting from these differences.

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