Communicate on the Same Wavelength



A personal communication trainer who is always by your side and reminds you how to communicate better.

We have worked in very diverse working environments, where not only personality and cultural differences came to the fore, but also those related to the predominance of artistic or analytical talents. Unsurprisingly, we ran into trouble on more than one occasion with knowing how to behave. What to say and how to say it so that we are well understood by everyone?

A problem arose at times when differences between team members completely eluded us. That’s when the concept of a personal communication trainer first came to light; someone who could stand next to us and instruct us. For obvious (financial and time) reasons, having someone like that in a team was almost impossible.

That’s why we decided to create a personal trainer of interpersonal and intercultural communication who would always be on standby and quickly spot differences during conversations, assess threats and give prompt advice: do this, don’t do it. This is how Empatyzer was created – a digital communication trainer. The very first of its kind.

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