Communicate on the Same Wavelength



When does your team respond to you better and when worse? Would you like to know?

We used to work with young managers who quickly noticed that their specialist skills were not so useful in their new role. Soft skills started to count much more: intuition and experience in working with people. In the programming community, these skills were neither heavily trained nor specifically required.

But when you become a leader, suddenly everything changes 180 degrees. For these young leaders, knowing how they were really perceived by their team was invaluable. They desperately wanted to know, and if possible would also receive whatever advice they could get about their leadership.

This was one of the many impulses for us to think about solving this type of problem. Creating a tool for leaders – both for beginners who are aware of their lack of skills, and those who have the impression that they already cut their teeth managing people, yet still make obvious mistakes. Unfortunately, having confidence while making a mistake, does not make the mistake any smaller. So, we designed a cure for all these ills: Empatyzer.

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