Communicate on the Same Wavelength



How can we consolidate the effects of intercultural training sessions?

Retention of knowledge from training courses is consistently low – and it’s no wonder. From the very beginning, we have the feeling that no one will test us about what we learn. What’s more, after the training, we return to patterns that are both imposed by the organization and those fixed in our own behavior.

Nearly 70% of acquired knowledge disappears within five days, but other studies show that repetition is excellent for retaining it. It’s a pity that companies can’t send us to training courses regularly. In addition, it would be useful to consolidate the theoretical knowledge from a training course by putting it into practice, preferably applying it immediately.

Empatyzer is the perfect solution for this. It gives practical advice that reduces the risk of misunderstandings when communicating with others. By applying this advice, we also consolidate the correct behavior, turning theoretical knowledge into practical application.

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