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Features of the so-called big five correlate with different skills. For example, a high level agreeableness is a trait of transformational leaders. They are leaders who try to sell the vision to the rest of the team and thus create commitment and readiness for change, rather than buy or force this readiness.
Joyful dictatorship, or the downside of enthusiastic leaders   He who has learned to listen will be able to command as well Solon   What is excessive enthusiasm?   Over-enthusiasm on the part of a leader is one of the factors hindering the effective exchange of information and ideas in a team. Probably everyone, at […]
Different people express their needs, ideas and opinions in different ways. A communication style is a bit like a “communication protocol”. If you choose the wrong one for your targeted recipient, the message may not be decoded or it will be decoded incorrectly. Some say everything directly, others communicate in such a way that you […]
The fact that the working environment is not a separate dimension, where good and bad actions are closed off and do not leave the walls of offices and invisible borders set by messengers and emails – probably everyone already knows. It is worth mentioning however, that by allowing unempathetic behavior into an organization, we act […]
People don’t change, but they can improve themselves. Using one’s own temperament in a new way, they can bend it to serve other values (Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt). What is temperament? Temperament is a set of constant behavioral traits that can already be visible from infancy. Example: some babies are calm while others cry very loudly. The […]
“Don’t bring your work home!” This is more or less the golden rule from people who have no solutions for you, but like to lecture. However, it is still important because negative emotions are like a wave, and our breakwaters are inner and outer circles of loved ones – who also suffer under the crushing […]
Empathy is becoming a key skill for a 21st century leader. The number of innovators increases by more than 40% if that leader is empathetic. 76% of those who experienced empathy from their leaders said they were engaged at work – compared to just 32% who experienced less empathy. These are powerful numbers that no […]
Empathy – it sounds so soft which doesn’t fit the stereotype of a tough, psychopathic business leader straight from the 1980s. Fortunately, tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis, the times are a changin’ and so are we. And so both Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, declared that empathy […]
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