Communicate on the Same Wavelength



Joyful dictatorship, or the downside of enthusiastic leaders   He who has learned to listen will be able to command as well Solon   What is excessive enthusiasm?   Over-enthusiasm on the part of a leader is one of the factors hindering the effective exchange of information and ideas in a team. Probably everyone, at […]
How does kindness change a company? Showing kindness to each other increases employee engagement and satisfaction   What is kindness?   In a competitive-oriented culture, the belief that being kind does not facilitate goal achievement (Agarwal, 2019) meant that kindness was not a particular focus for leaders, and it was certainly difficult to see it […]
“Empathy is not just seeing through another person’s eyes. It’s hard work of reflection and understanding how that person observes and experiences the world.” Carl Rogers What is empathy? As many as 79% of CEOs admit that being empathetic is a big challenge for them (Businessolver, 2022). Meanwhile, empathy is widely considered one of the […]
We are all social beings, but in an individualistic culture the consequences of this fact are not clear enough. Well, as individuals, we have a rather fixed amount of energy to use and we use it according to priorities. Relationships are very important for humans (because they determine our ability to survive), so they take […]
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