Communicate on the Same Wavelength



Features of the so-called big five correlate with different skills. For example, a high level agreeableness is a trait of transformational leaders. They are leaders who try to sell the vision to the rest of the team and thus create commitment and readiness for change, rather than buy or force this readiness.
It only takes a week for us to forget 90% of what we just learned   What is memorization? Continuously improving the professional competence of the workforce is a prerequisite for maintaining the company’s competitive edge. It makes it easier for employees to adapt to market changes and helps to achieve high financial results.   […]
People don’t change, but they can improve themselves. Using one’s own temperament in a new way, they can bend it to serve other values (Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt). What is temperament? Temperament is a set of constant behavioral traits that can already be visible from infancy. Example: some babies are calm while others cry very loudly. The […]
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