Communicate on the Same Wavelength



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People working in a hostile environment don’t pick up on obvious information nor do they process it as well as they could

Christine L. Porath, PHD, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

We are all social beings, but in an individualistic culture the consequences of this fact are not clear enough. Well, as individuals, we have a rather fixed amount of energy to use and we use it according to priorities. Relationships are very important for humans (because they determine our ability to survive), so they take priority. In this system, conflicts are like short circuits in an electrical installation. They unproductively consume a huge amount of energy and raise the temperature in the assembly, and in extreme cases, they can cause a fire. If energy is depleted, concentration and data processing speed decreases and the number of errors increases.

To say that a professional doesn’t care about relationships because he’s at work and not on a trip with friends is naive. The priorities of our operating system are what they are, and nothing will change that. If we want to have effective teams, we must take care of our relationships. Relationships come from the glue that is empathy. Anything that increases empathy is valuable for business.

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