Communicate on the Same Wavelength



Your Homeland is where people understand your jokes Miljenko Jergović The way coworkers joke and what they find funny can determine the productivity of a team, and the financial results of the entire organization. Why is a sense of humor important? Teams that laugh are twice as likely to solve their tasks creatively (Mc Kinsey, […]
All it takes is one complaining employee for the mood and effectiveness of others to deteriorate (Psychology Today, 2017). That’s why it’s so important for every leader to be effective in the communication process, which will allow for the relief of tensions caused by complaining in the team. Where does complaining come from? Satisfying the […]
Culture explains to us the rules that govern the world – and most of us are convinced that these rules are universal. There could be no greater mistake. What are cultural differences? With cultural differences, the problem isn’t what we can see or observe i.e., different types of clothing, food, music or customs. These are […]
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