Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“We write the same way to everyone, but we should better differentiate.”

Have you ever received emails with so much detail that you bounced off the wall of text with a bang, only to immediately hit the pile of attachments painfully? Or maybe, on the contrary, your blood pressure was raised by an e-mail with only half a sentence? Different people have different needs.

Want to piss someone off and discourage them? All you have to do is choose the wrong form of communication. The truth is that we are all very busy. Placed in processes, we move the company’s reality forward as if on a production line that’s slightly accelerating year after year. It’s hard to find time to think about what people like and what they don’t like. Let them adapt, right?

Or perhaps better not? Especially if the effort is minimal and taken incidentally. Then it may turn out that it is worth clarifying the content of an email a bit, or on the contrary, add a ton of attachments and explain exactly which is for what (because you will have to do it anyway to move on). Empatyzer can help you make the right decision the right away. Little effort, big effect.

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