Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“I don’t like being in meetings that don’t concern me.”

From an organizational point of view, any such meeting is a waste of time and evidence of poor organization. However, whether a meeting is relevant for a particular person or not largely depends on that person’s perception. Some people take too narrow a view and only look at the details, and if those details don’t have their name on them – they think their participation in the meeting is unnecessary. However, there are also those who look more broadly and have a head full of ideas; for them the border has shifted much further. Dissatisfaction may not be clearly communicated; therefore, inviting some people too often can lead to disappointment and tension.

When inviting people to open-ended meetings, it’s good to know who has a rigid and precise boundary and who doesn’t. For this, however, you need to know the preferences of certain people at the time you invite them. Excluding two people that may definitely feel like it’s a waste of their time, for example, will save the rest of the team from facing a wave of dissatisfaction. Empatyzer makes all of this easy.

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