Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“I say something in good faith but it’s perceived differently.”

Some people are cordial, sincere and straightforward. For others, this approach is simple naivety and exposes them to problems. With the former, you can quickly move to action, and with the latter you won’t be able to accomplish anything without a long contract and tedious negotiations. Both approaches have their pros and cons. The point is that some people think that everyone is sincere, and others think that everyone is trying to get something for themselves.

Ready to judge someone already? Before you do, think: Will believing in good intentions work in a courtroom or during an investigation? Probably not. And should every simple matter be approached like selling shares in a company? No, because it’s a waste of time. It all depends on the situation – who is who. The meeting of two people as radically different as those described at the beginning is a recipe for disaster, or at best for frustration.

That’s why it’s worth knowing who a person is, how to talk with them and what you can expect. Good communication is possible in every team, only sometimes all that is missing is Empatyzer.

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