Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“I always have a problem with passing along negative information.”

The art of feedback and communicating difficult decisions will never be easy. Some people will better accept information given directly, without beating around the bush and without explanation, and others will expect you to get involved, calm them down and soften their reaction. This is due to different levels of sensitivity to stimuli, as well as different life experiences or cultures.

It’s hard to get caught up in all of this. It is especially difficult when your team does not consist of a few friends with whom you have eaten the proverbial barrel of salt, but is made up of a dozen or several dozen people mainly familiar with each from online meetings.

Choosing the right tone of voice and method – that is, the right communication protocol – can be a great help. So, instead of playing the role of an empath, it is better to use Empatyzer. A scientific approach that will set the right vector for communication and use of one’s own empathy resources.

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