Communicate on the Same Wavelength



“I simply don’t understand some messages.”

You just have a different communication protocol than the person you don’t understand. It’s like the “http” you see at the beginning of website addresses. It’s also a protocol. Without it, you couldn’t open any page. Fortunately, this protocol is known by the browser you are using. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the content and not worry about any protocols.

It’s the same with humans, only there are a lot more protocols. You can go crazy with the amount of variety. However, to understand a message fully, you need to know what protocol and who is using it. A human browser would be nice. Or a translator. Then understanding the overtones of some messages would be easier.

We struggled with this problem ourselves and found a solution. A translator of communication protocols between people, available via chat, during video calls or e-mail communication. From now on, communication can be easier, even in the most diverse environment. No protocol is too scary for us :-).

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