Communicate on the Same Wavelength



When people encounter incivility at work, their performance suffers. They are also less likely to help others

Christine L. Porath, PHD, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

Less commitment, a reduced ability to notice and process data, a readiness to look for a job elsewhere, health problems… these are just a few of the problems that result from a bad work environment. Add to that the fact that people don’t want to help others, and the scores get even lower.

This should come as no surprise. A team is an organism, and when it is ill, the range of symptoms will be wide. Some are examined, some are not. However, we can all imagine what bad relationships at work or in our private life can result in. We’ve experienced them directly or we’ve observed them. Treating the team’s illness or keeping it healthy – like a multicellular organism – is crucial to maintaining its efficiency and effectiveness.

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