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Employers ignore empathy at their peril

State of Workplace Empathy 2019

Empathy isn’t that hard. We have it encoded deep within our human operating system. It’s enough not to drown out this skill and then develop it.

Small gestures, appropriate words and behavior can improve the situation in a team significantly. Along with that, creativity, commitment, readiness to sacrifice, willingness to stay with the company for longer, support for the boss in difficult times, which allows him to maintain his position, also increases. The health of employees improves, there are fewer sick days taken, and the costs of recruiting and replacing people who have left the company decreases.

These small gestures can be practiced on an ongoing basis, adapting the message and its form to the needs of a given person. This becomes easier when you use a tool that automates the process. It helps to get to know people, choose the right form of communication and consolidate these skills. This solution is Empatyzer.

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